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Don’t gamble with your most important asset

Business, is legalized gambling. Everyday business people face decisions about how to deploy finite resources (time, money, people, equipment, etc.). Will the choice produce a desirable result? Will it deliver an adequate return? The greater the certainty, the easier the choice. Perhaps the most critical decision is, “How should we prepare and utilize employees to produce the best possible outcomes?”

Human Performance Technology (HPT) provides helpful answers to that question. It minimizes the “guess work” associated with performance decisions and maximizes the results. It utilizes tested and trusted methods to clarify business goals, gather data, assess needs, isolate variables, calibrate performance and quantify outcomes. It also provides answers to the questions of, What? Why? When? How? Who? Put the power of proven methodology on your side. Build high functioning teams team that will turn your vision into reality.

About Dan Murphy

Dan MurphyDan is a certified Human Performance Technologist. He has over 20 years of experience helping managers and individuals achieve the outcomes they want. His career spans 40 years, beginning in Junior High School, where he managed the student book store. Since then he has enjoyed an expansive career that has taken him around the world. Through this diversity of experiences there has been one common denominator – working with people to solve problems and achieve results. Whether it is sales, customer service, management, consulting or educating, Dan delivers results and satisfaction to the people he serves.

His broad work experience has been supplemented with a passion for life-time learning. Dan has accumulated an impressive list of formal and informal education. His most recent academic accomplishment was borne out of the desire to join the digital revolution occurring in the fields of education and learning. This led to the completion of a Master’s of Science in Performance Improvement, Human Resource Development. The program introduced a variety of new software and digital tools to communicate, collaborate and educate. Although the list represents exponential growth for him, it is only a small sampling of the tools and technologies available to today’s educators and learners.


My educational philosophy has been shaped and informed by a few key concepts.
First, is DesCartes famous statement, “I think, therefore, I am.” This speaks to a learners ability to reflect and reason. It suggests the potential to expand capability, evaluate performance and establish accountability.

The second consideration is the affective nature of learners. Emotions influence attention, willingness and motivation.

Third, is the societal nature of learning. Learners are dependant on society, its institutions, artifacts and fellow members to realize their full potential. The reverse is also true; societies depend on learners to perform roles and to solve problems.

Fourth, each learner and learning situation is unique. Although a framework of general principles is essential for learner growth and development; learning is demonstrated by the ability to assimilate and interpret information found in unique situations, or problems, to formulate appropriate and effective responses (decisions or actions).

Finally, nothing occurs in a vacuum; there is a systematic nature to life. Individuals are themselves unique systems, while simultaneously serving as a component of larger systems. Knowledge of systems dynamics, and ability to anticipate and manage the cascade of events that result from an intervention, are major factors in performance management.