Human Performance Technology

  • Performance: to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Technology: the application of knowledge or tools.

SalesTech utilizes Human Performance Technology to enhance human capability and deliver improved results. A core principle of SalesTech is Systems Thinking.

  • System: a group of interacting and interdependent parts that form a more complex whole unit. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Human Resources are an example of a system. A system that executes a task is a Performance System. A person is a performance system. Businesses are also performance systems; typically comprised of a collection of performance systems, i.e., individuals, groups, units divisions, etc.

Systems follow the basic pattern shown above. They acquire input, perform functions, produce outputs, and generate feedback. Systems are almost always a part of a larger system. The crux is the interconnectedness. Influences that act on one part of the system will have a cascading or opposing effect in another part. It is virtually impossible to manipulate one part of a system without causing a change or reaction somewhere else. Failure to recognize and address the inevitable “chain of events,” associated with training, or change initiatives, will compromise results.